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Livonia Tile and Terrazzo Installation
Livonia Tile and Terrazzo Installation

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Commercial Tile Service

Commercial tiling is like most things in life—it can be done the right way or the wrong way. Sure, you could settle for a commercial tiling service that is OK and for a team that would do an average job, but is this really the image that you want your business to project to potential employees and prospective clients? However, if you want your business’s physical structure to embody the high standards that you set in the delivery of your product or service on a daily basis, then you need to choose a high-quality commercial tiling team that you can rely on.

Blending their years of tiling experience with the freshest and most innovative approach to design and installation, there is no job too big for the skilled team of tiling experts at Michigan Tile Company Inc. Factor in our convenient prices, flexible payment plan options and convenient opening hours and it is clear to see that we should be the first number you call when you need a superior tiling service for your commercial property.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Material for Your Office Floor

At Michigan Tile Company Inc, we are very aware of how important it is to select the right tile for your business’s specific needs. Two factors to take into consideration when selecting a floor tile service for your office or commercial property are as follows:


Let’s be honest about it, nobody, business owner or otherwise, wants to spend very long cleaning and maintaining the tiles in their office. However, the fact of the matter is, to ensure that your tiles last as long as possible involves some degree of regular maintenance. By choosing a more resilient and ease of maintenance tile such as terrazzo, you can reduce the elbow grease required.

Recycling Options

If you are an eco-friendly business then the recyclability of your tiles should be an important point that you take into consideration before selecting a tile that best meets your needs. On top of that, the contents of your floor material will also have an impact in the air quality inside your office.